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Sol-Sense CMH 315W 930/3000K Lamp
Sol-Sense 3K CMH Lamp Spectrum

- The Sol-Sense 315W 3000K CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lamp is constructed of a ceramic arc tube. 


- The increased heat threshold of ceramic enables the lamp to reach a higher operating temperature, thus exciting a broader array of metallic gases to deliver a full spectrum similar to sunlight. 

-The ceramic arc tube of the Sol-Sense 3000K CMH lamp are manufactured in Holland by one of the world's most reputable brands.


-CMH lamps emit an ideal spectrum to optimise the rate of photosynthesis throughout the entire plant life cycle.


- CMH lamps produce a higher output compared to alternative HIDs thus reducing the energy consumption required to achieve a similar outcome.


- This translates to a reduction in both operating cost and heat emission.


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